Birthday Parties!!!
Firefly Pottery offers a special way to celebrate your special day!
Nothing Beats a Firefly Pottery Party
Celebrate your birthday where the best party on the Seacoast awaits you! Specializing in
birthday parties, Firefly Pottery offers the most comprehensive, all-inclusive party on the
Seacoast. Best of all, at Firefly Pottery, we've thought of everything to make your special
party one that will be remembered! Our party center features a party area all decked out
for your pottery birthday bash!

Let us do the work so you can relax and enjoy your very special Firefly Pottery Birthday Party!
Pottery Party
Firefly Pottery has a huge selection of pieces to choose from that will fit everyone's budget.  Figurines, bowls,
mugs, vases...come see what we have to offer!

All our parties include:
Use of our large party area for a total of 1.5 hours, The area may be rented beyond the regular time limit.
• A decorated party chair with balloons for birthday child.
• All painting supplies, Glazing and Kiln firing of painted items
• A friendly, helpful creative consultant to guide you along

•* A
FREE gift of a coupe salad plate or regular mug from us to create a special memory keepsake!

Cost of Pottery Party: $5.00 per guest plus the price of your choice of  bisque pottery to paint.

Clay Party
Use real clay to create and paint your special works of art!
Choose one of the following projects for your party:

Small Critter:  $12.00
Large Critter:  $14.00
Masks:  $14.00
Bowls:  $14.00

Cost of Clay Party:  $5.00 per guest plus the cost of your clay project.

Glass Fusing Party
Work with colorful glass to create eye catching pieces of art!
Choose one of the following projects for your party:

Pendants:  $10.00  (includes 2 1x 1.5 pendants with hooks)
Sun Catcher:  $12.00  (average piece size = 3x4")
Night light:  $16.00  (includes plug and bulb)

Cost of Glass Fusing Party:  $5.00 per guest plus the cost of your glass project.

We also offer a cake package as well:

Cake package includes:
A personalized cake large enough to serve all participating party attendees.
Beverage of choice
Simple, white paper goods
Utensils for serving and eating.

Cost of cake package:  $8.00 per quest plus cost of party project.
Please make all party reservations at least two weeks in advance by Phone
(603)431-7682 or
Better yet in person, just stop in to view our huge selection!!!
We book the parties 7 days a week.
Starting 1/2 hour after opening to 2 hours before closing

Call (603)431-7682 to make your reservation
All Firefly Pottery parties:
  1. Your choice of bisque pottery (unpainted).
  2. Please make party reservations at least two weeks in advance.
  3. Minimum of 6 party guests for all Firefly parties.
  4. Bisque pottery pieces chosen to be a minimum of $6.00 each.
  5. A $50.00 Deposit.
  6. Selection of a Pottery Party, Clay Party, or Glass Party (See
Prices subject to change without notice